Dr. O.P. Dutta

Born in Srinagar, J&K, India on 2 January 1941, Completed P.P.Ag., 1962, University of Rajasthan; B.Sc, Ag. 1966, M.Sc.Ag., 1968, University of Udaipur; PhD. Hort., 1981, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.

SRA,1968-72, Jr.Veg. Breeder, 1972-75, Scientist-S1, 1975-76, Scientist S2, 1976-82, Scientist- S3,1982-86, Principal Scientist- 1986-2001, Head, Div. of Veg.Crops-IIHR,Bangalore, 1982-84, 1984-86, 1986-88, 1992-94, 1994-1999, 1999-2001; Director (R&D )Namdhari Seeds Pvt.Ltd.Bangalore-2002-2014, Advanced training in Heterosis, Hybrid Seed Production, Seed Conditioning, and Seed Management at Cornell University, Ithaca; Washington University, Pullman; and the University of California, Davis Campus, California,-July-Sept., 1985; FAO Technical Consultant for Regional Cooperation for Vegetable Research and Development in Bangladesh, China, DPR Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, and Nepal,1994; Team leader in Planing Vegetable Breeding and Production Activities under the SAVARNET Programm organized by AVRDC/ADB in Nepal-1996, and Srilanka-1997; FAO VegetableSeed Production and Variety maintenance Expert, Bangladesh-1997-1999; Chief Coordinator- FAO Project TCP/BGD/7825, Emergency Supply of Veg. Seeds to flood-affected farmers of Bangaladesh, Sept.19998-Jan.1999; Chief Coordinator- FAO Technical Project(FAO/TFA-00/IND-003/2001) for Hybrid Seed Production in Vegetable Crops by Physically Handicaped and Destitute Children 2002-2005, Bangalore India; Member-QRT, AICRP(veg. Crops)-2002, Member-Sectional Committee(Horticulture Sciences) NAAS, 2006,2007,2008; Member Taskforce for Validation of DUS Test Guidelines for Chilli, Sweet pepper, and Paprika-2004; Member -Research Advisory Committee(RAC) of IIVR-Varanasi-2014-2017; PNASF-Senior Technical Advisor-2002-2016, PNASF-Senior Scientific Councillor-2017 to date.

Awards/Honours: UAS Gold Medal for General Merit, 1981; PNASF-ICAR Gold Medal for Life Time Achievements, 2001-02, IIHR, Bangalore; PNASF-International Gold Medal for Outstanding Research in Vegetable Improvement, ICV-2002, Bangalore; Outstanding Scientific Programme Leader in Horticulture (Siver Plaque of Honour)-ICH 2009, Bangalore; International Award for Outstanding Contribution in Vegetable Research and Development, SEAVEG-2014, Bangkok; Felicitation for the contribution in the field of vegetable research at the 28th group meeting of All India Coordinated Research Project(veg. Crops). 2010, IIHR Bangalore.

Fellow: Indian Society of Vegetable Science, 1998.

Research Areas: Vegetable Breeding/Hybrid Seed Production in Vegetable Crops

Address: #70, Chiranjeevi Layout, 3rd Main, 1st Cross, Hebbal - Kempapura, Bengaluru 560024, Karnataka; [Tel: Res. (080) 40908529, Cell: 9845131792; Email: opdutta41@gmail.com]