Dr. Kishore Kumar Krishnani

Born in Durg, Chhatisgad, India on 18 November 1966. Educated at Bhilai Steel Plant School, Bhilai Nagar, Chhatisgad 1982-1983; Govt. Science College Durg Chhatisgad 1983-1988; Ravishankar University Raipur 1989-1992; B.Sc.(Biology) 1986; M.Sc. (Organic chemistry) 1988; Ph.D. (Chemistry) 1992. Post-doctoral research at CSIRO Canberra, 2013; Advance research at University of California, 2010; Stevens Institute of Technology-USA, 2004; Overseas Training at SEAFDEC-Philippines 2003.

Principal Scientist, ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE), Mumbai 2018 to date

Assistant Professor (Honorary), Govt. Science College Durg, Chhatisgad, 1988-1992; Scientist (Probationer), NAARM Hyderabad and CTRI, Rajhamundry, Andra Pradesh, 1993-1994; Scientist, 1994-1998; Scientist (SS), 1998-2002; Senior Scientist, 2002-2008; Principal Scientist, 2009 onwards, ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture Chennai, Tamil Nadu; Principal Scientist, ICAR-Directorate of Weed Science Research, Jabalpur (MP), 2011; Head, School of Edaphic Stress Management, ICAR-National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management, Malegaon, Baramati-Pune, 2012-17; I/c-Head-Schools of Edaphic/Atmospheric Stress Management, ICAR-National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management 2017-18, Head (A), Division of Aquaculture, CIFE 2020-21.

Awards/Honours: Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award for outstanding Research in Agricultural Sciences (Animal and Fisheries Sciences)-2019, Best Poster Award-2017-National Seminar on Climate Resilient saline agriculture; Australia Awards Trusted Mentor 2014; Australian Govt (DWEER) sponsored Endeavour Award/Fellowship on recombinant DNA technology/enzymatic bioremediation 2012; CIBA's Silver Jubilee Celebration- Best Paper Presentation Award -2012; Journal-Best Article Award - 2012; ICAR-NAIP-HRD-overseas Fellowship on nanobioremediation and biosensor 2010; BRSI-Best Poster Award- International Conference-2007; 7th Indian Fisheries Forum-Young Scientist Award 2005; TCTP-Japanese International Cooperation Agency sponsored training on Responsible Aquaculture Development 2003; Department of Biotechnology's long term Overseas Associateship on bioremediation using molecular techniques 2004; Recognized from Madras University to guide students for Ph.D. 2000 to date; CSIR-SRF-1992; CSIR-UGC JRF/ARS Lectureship (NET) 1991-1992.

Fellow: Member of Governing Body-the Biotech Research Society, India (BRSI), Fellow of the Biotech Research Society, India (BRSI-CSIR-NIIST), Member of the National Academy of Sciences, India, 2017; Nominated Member of IMC-NIASM, 2014-17; Nominated Member of IMC-CIFRI, 2020-Current; Life Member-Biotech Research Society of India; Executive member - Coastal Aquaculture Society of India 2006-14; Life member - Society of Pesticide Science India; Member - Society of Aquaculture Professionals, 2007-08.

Research Areas: Aquatic environment and health management of aquaculture and culture based fisheries; Abiotic and biotic stress management in multidisciplinary farming systems using multi-omics; Environmental biotechnology; Nano (bio) technology; Circular economy applied to Agri-aquaculture

Address: Principal Scientist, Division of Aquaculture, ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Panch Marg, Off Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400061, Maharashtra; Type-V Quarters, Flat No 101, CIFE Campus, Versova, Mumbai 400061, Maharashtra; [Tel: Off. (022) 26361446-8 Ext 407; Res. Ext 640; Cell: 8097667980, 8788679672; Fax: (022) 2636157; Email: krishnani@cife.edu.in; krishnanik@hotmail.com; kishor.krishnani@icar.gov.in]

Recognition Award 2017-2018