Dr. Vedpal Singh Malik
Foreign Fellow, Elected 1997

Born in Sunna, Muzaffarnagar, U.P., on 1 January 1942. Educated at Junior High School Bhabisa 1955; Jat Heroes College Baraut 1957; Jat College Baraut 1961; IARI, 1964; Carlsberg Laboratorium, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1965; Dalhousie University and National Research Council of Canada Halifax NS, 1965-69; Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Texas, 1970; Massacusetts Institute of Technology 1971-72; The Upjohn Company, 1973- 1980; Philip Morris, Richmond VA 1981-84; Rockefeller University, New York, 1985-86; Philip Morris Richmond 1987-93.

United States Department of Agriculture, 1994 to date.

Awards/Honours: USDA Secretary's Honor award for managing Ralstonia, Karnal Bunt, and for contribution to Foot and Mouth Disease in United Kingdom; Hammer award from US Vice President.

Research Areas: Recombinant DNA, Made nicotine free plants by antisense RNA. Isolation and Characterization of Rubisco and CAB genes; characterization of G box; Genetic engineering of yeast and Streptomyces. CRISPR technology for crop improvement. Biotechnology, Microbiolgy, Agriculture, Industrial development of fermentation processes, Strain Improvement, public policy and international commerce; National Coordinator for Karnal Bunt, National Coordinator for Potato diseases, nematodes and viruses, Black stem Rust, Chrysanthemum white rust, Irradiation of fruits as a phytosanitary measure. Approved irradiation of Indian Mangoes for export to USA, Approval of irradiation facilities for phytosanitary treatment in Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa and India. Manager of offshore programs for export of ornamentals that are grown in green houses. Sanitation procols for producing cuttings of Pelargonium in Green houses in China, Israel, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mexico, Germany, Guatemala, Elsalvador, Costa Rica, Sanitation protocols for producing Orchids/Phlaenopsis for export to USA.

Address: United States Department of Agriculture, 4700 River Road, Riverdale MD 20737-1236, USA; 6716 Haycock Road, Falls Church VA 22043, USA; [Tel: Res. 301 3326405; Email: vedpal.s.malik@aphis.usda.gov; vedpalm@gmail.com]