Dr. Vijay Kumar Nayyar

Born in Ludhiana, India on 29 November 1945. Educated at S.A.N. Jain and Arya Higher Secondary School, Ludhiana, 1950-62; College of Agriculture, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana 1966-72; CSIRO, Adelaide, South Australia, 1974-76; B.Sc. 1966; M.Sc. 1968; Ph.D. 1972; Post-Doctoral Fellow 1974-76.

Assistant Professor of Soils, 1972-78, Soil Chemist, 1978-87, Senior Soil Chemist & PI, AICRP on Micro-, Secondary- Nutrients and Pollutant Elements in Soils and Plants, 1988-2005, and Head, Department of Soils, P.A.U. 2001-05.

Awards/Honours: FAI Silver Jubilee Award of Excellence, 1985; ICAR Hari Om Ashram Trust Award, 1987; Punjab State Council for Science and Technology Appreciation Certificate, 1990-93; S.N. Ranade Memorial Award, 1997; TSI-FAI Award on Plant Nutrient Sulphur, 1998; ICAR - First Ch. Devi Lal Outstanding All India Coordinated Project Award 2001; S.N. Ranade Memorial Award for Life Time Achievement, 2003.

Fellow: Indian Society of Soil Science; Punjab Academy of Sciences.

Research Areas: Soil fertility and chemistry, micronutrients, secondary nutrients, pollutant elements

Address: 220-C, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, PAU, Ludhiana 141012, Punjab; [Tel: Cell: 9465187274; Email: vknayyar@rediffmail.com]