Dr. D. Joseph Bagyaraj

Born in Bangalore, India on 9 October 1940. Educated at St. Aloysius High School, Bangalore, 1945-56; St. Joseph's College, Bangalore, 1956-58; Agricultural College, Bangalore, 1958-61; College of Agriculture, Dharwar, 1961-63; Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, 1966-71; UNDP Fellow, DSIR, Auckland, New Zealand, 1975; UNDP Fellow, CSIRO, Adelaide, Australia, 1975; Fulbright Fellow, Univ. of California, Riverside, USA, 1976.

NASI Honorary Scientist, 2020 to date & Chairman, Centre for Natural Biological Resources and Community Development (CNBRCD), Bangalore, 2002 to date.

Professor of Agricultural Microbiology, Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, 1972-2000; Visiting Scientist, Ruakura Soil and Plant Research Station, Hamilton, New Zealand, 1981-83; Emeritus Scientist, ICAR, 2001-03; INSA Senior Scientist, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, 2004-08; INSA Hon. Scientist, 2009-10, 2017-19, CNBRCD, Bangalore; NASI Sr. Scientist, 2011-2015, CNBRCD, Bangalore; FAO Consultant at Brazil, 1991 and Indonesia, 2009.

Awards/Honours: Mycological Soc. of India Shome Memorial Award, 1996; Assoc. of Microbiological Soc. of India S.R.Vyas Memorial Award, 1998; Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore Distinguished Alumni Award, 2001; Soc. of Soil Biology and Ecology Distinguished Scientist Award, 2002; Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwar Life Time Achievement Award, 2004; Dr. G. Rangaswami Endowment Award in Agricultural Microbiology, 2005; NCOF/Bangalore Univ./ Natl. Hort. Mission Distinguished Scientist Award, 2009; Professor T. S. Sadasivan Lecture Award of INSA, 2009; Dr. V Agnihotrudu Memorial Lecture Award of MSI, 2011; Life Time Achievement Award in Mycology & Plant Pathology, Amravathi University, 2012; Dr. R.Y. Roy Memorial Lecture Award, BHU, 2012; NBRI Diamond Jubilee Lecture Award, 2013; Distinguished Professor Award from Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, 2013; Mycological Soc. of India Prof. K. Natarajan Memorial Award, 2014; Task Force Member of the FAO initiative on Global Soil Partnership, 2014; President: Society of Soil Biology & Ecology; Only Indian Contributor to Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas, 2016; Distinguished Asian Mycologist Award, 2019 conferred at Mie University, Japan.

Fellow: Indian National Science Academy; National Academy of Sciences, India; National Academy of Biological Sciences; Indian Phytopathological Society; Association of Microbiologists of India; Society of Applied Biotechnologists; Mycologial Society of India; Karnataka Science and Technology Academy.

Research Areas: Agricultural microbiology, plant - microbe interactions, mycorrhizal symbiosis

Address: 41, RBI Colony, Anand Nagar, Bengaluru 560024, Karnataka; [Tel: Off. / Res. (080) 23335368, Cell: 9448465368; Email: djbagyaraj@gmail.com]