Dr. Rajbir Singh

Born in Jakhod Khera, Hisar, India on 8 September, 1970. Educated at Jat High School, Hisar 1983-85; CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, 1985-95; B.Sc, 1990; M.Sc, 1992; Ph.D.1996.

Assistant Director General (Agronomy, Agrofrestry & Climate Change), NRM Division of ICAR, KAB-II, New Delhi-110012, 2023 to date.

Scientist, 1995-2004, Senior Scientist, 2004-2008, Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology, Abohar; Principal Scientist, 2008-2012, Indian Institute of Water Management, Bhubaneswar; Principal Scientist, Natural Resource Management (NRM) Division of ICAR, KAB-II, New Delhi, 2012-15, Director, ICAR-Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute, Ludhiana, 2015-2023.

Awards/Honours: Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award, 2022; Nanaji Deshmukh ICAR Award for Outstanding Interdisciplinary Team Research Award in Agriculture and Allied Science (as Team Leader) in 2019; Swami Sahajanand Saraswati Outstanding Extension Scientist Award of ICAR in 2016; Chaudhary Devi Lal Outstanding All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) Award in 2011; Member of High Powered Team for suggesting remedy for whitefly in Haryana and Punjab constituted by Governor, Haryana in 2015; Chairperson of Working Group on `Promotion of straw management in Haryana' constituted by The Chairman, Haryana Farmers Commission, Govt. of Haryana in 2018; Appreciation Certificate awarded by Secretary DARE & Secretary, DAC&FW in 2019 for effective contribution, dedication and commitment demonstrated for effective management of crop residue burning; Appreciation Plaque awarded by Chief Minister of Punjab in 2019 for strengthen the KVKs of Punjab, popularizing the resource conservation technologies at scale and developing nutri-gardens at KVKs for mitigating malnutrition in rural areas; Recognition Award by the Society for Community Mobilization for Sustainable Development (MOBILIZATION); Life Time Achievement Award by Society for Recent Development in Agriculture in 2020.

Fellow: Indian Society of Agronomy, Horticultural Society of India (Indian Academy of Horticultural Science), Society of Horticultural Research and Development, Society of Recent Development in Agriculture

Research Areas: Conservation Agriculture, Climate Smart Agriculture, Precision Farming, Farming System

Address: Assistant Director General (AAF & CC), NRM Division, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi 110012; C-502, NASC Complex, New Delhi 110012; [Tel: Off. (011) 25846557, Cell: 8587956728; Email: rajbir.singh3@icar.gov.in; rajbirsingh.zpd@gmail.com; adgagroandaf@gmail.com]