Dr. Shiv Kumar Dhyani

Born in Lansdown, Uttarakhand, India on 17 September 1956. Educated at Govt. Intermediate College, Lansdown, 1967-73; DAV College, Dehradun, 1973-1975; DBS PG College, Dehradun, 1975-77; SFS College, Burnihat, Assam, 1981-1983; School of Forestry, MSU, USA 1990-1992; NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya, 1994-1998; B.Sc. 1975; M.Sc. 1977; Diploma (Hons.) in Forestry, 1983; Ph.D. 1998.

Country Coordinator India, CIFOR-ICRAF Asia Program, New Delhi w.e.f. 1st June 2021. He joined South Asia Regional Program (SARP), ICRAF as Senior Agroforestry Specialist in July, 2018.

Technical Assistant, Operational Research Project on Watershed Management (CSWCRTI), Fakot, Tehri Garhwal, 1978-1980; Senior Technical Assistant, Central Soil and Water Conservation Research & Training Institute (CSWCRTI), Dehradun, 1980-1984; Scientist, CSWCRTI, Dehradun, 1984-1988; Senior Scientist, ICAR RC for NEH Region, Umaim, Megahalaya, 1988-1998; Principal Scientist and Head of Division, CSWCRTI, Dehradun, 1998-2005; Director, Central Agroforestry Research Institute and Project Coordinator, All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Agroforestry, Jhansi, 2005-2015. Principal Scientist (Agroforestry), NRM Division, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi 2015- July 10, 2018.

Awards/Honours: Certificate of Achievement, USDA Course, Univ. of Florida, USA 1991; ICAR Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Award, 1998; IASWC Gold Medal, 2005; ICAR Vasantrao Naik Award, 2010; Dr. Rajendra Prasad Puruskar 2002, 2010; President, Indian Society of Agroforestry, 2005-2015; Certificate of Appreciation for contribution to ENABLING THE BUSINESS OF AGRICULTURE 2017 REPORT from The World Bank. Member, Inter-Ministerial Committee for implementation of National Agroforestry Policy, DoACFW, MoAFW, GoI; Essential Member, Accreditation Board of ICFRE; Member, Steering Committee of IFAD-ICRAF Program on Biofuel Crops; Member, Sub-Committee on Biofuels under Bioenergy Advisory Committee, MNRE, GoI., Member, National Steering Committee for the Green Forestry sector under Global Technology Watch Groups (GTWG) Project supported by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India; Member, Reserch Advisory Group, ICFRE-TFRI; Member of RAC, QRT of ICAR Institues.

Fellow: Indian Association of Soil & Water Conservationists, 2004; Range Management Society of India, 2010; and Indian Society of Agroforestry (FISAF)

Research Areas: Forestry, Agroforestry, Watershed & Natural Resource Management

Address: Country Coordinator, CIFOR-World Agroforestry ICRAF, India Program, 1st Floor, C Block, NASC Complex, DPS Marg, New Delhi 110012; Tower GF001, Lotus Boulevard, Sector 100, Noida 201301, U.P.; [Tel: Off. (011) 25847885/86; Res. (0120) 43128; Cell: 9451658346; Fax: (011) 25847885; Email: shivkdhyani@gmail.com; s.dhyani@cifor-icraf.org]