Publications brought out by the Academy since its inception up to 2021 are:


Policy Paper 122: Beyond Price Support and Subsidy
Policy Paper 123: Impact of COVID 19 on Livestock (Animal Health and Dairy/Poultry/Meat/Feed Industry)


Policy Paper 102: WTO and Indian Agriculture: Concern and Possible Solutions
Policy Paper 103: Antimicrobial Resistance
Policy Paper 104: One World One Health
Policy Paper 105: Sugarcane-based Ethanol Production for Sustainable fuel Ethanol Blending Programme
Policy Paper 106: Utilization of Wastewaters in Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture
Policy Paper 107: Certification of Quality Planting Material of Clonally Propagated Fruit Crops for Promoting Agricultural Diversification
Policy Paper 108: Agri-startups in India: Opportunities, Challenges and Way Forward
Policy Paper 109: Emergency Preparedness for Prevention of Transboundary Infectious Diseases in Indian Livestock and Poultry
Policy Paper 110: Strategies and Approaches for Promotion of Sustainable Bivoltine Sericulture in India
Policy Paper 111: Food Fortification: Issues and Way Forward
Policy Paper 112: Gender and Nutrition based Extension in Agriculture
Policy Paper 113: Contract Farming for Transforming Indian Agriculture
Policy Paper 114: Promoting Millet Production, Value Addition and Consumption
Policy Paper 115: Waste to Wealth –Use of Food Waste as Animal Feed and Beyond
Policy Paper 116: Sustaining the Pulses Revolution in India: Technological and Policy Measurers
Policy Paper 117: Road Map for Rehabilitation of 26 Mha Degraded Lands in India
Policy Paper 118: Entrepreneurship for Quality Fodder Production
Policy Paper 119: Secondary Agriculture – Challenges, Opportunities and Way Forward
Policy Paper 120: Scaling up Innovative Agricultural Extension Models
Policy Paper 121: Self-sufficiency in Edible Oil Production

Strategy Paper 15: Potential of Transgenic Poultry for Biopharming
Strategy Paper 16: Need for Breeding Tomatoes Suitable for Processing
Strategy Paper 17: Biofortification to Address Malnutrition in India: Present Status and Way Forward
Strategy Paper 18: Drudgery Reduction in agriculture through improved Farm Machinery

Policy Brief 12: Global Hunger Index
Policy Brief 13: Regulation for Genetically Modified (GM) Foods and Detection of Unauthorized GM Food Events


Book - A Memoir – Prof Virender Lal Chopra
Strategy Paper 14: Innovation in Potato Seed Production
Policy Paper 97: Potential of Non-Bovine Milk
Policy Paper 98: Agriculture and Food Policy for the Five Trillion Dollar Economy
Policy Paper 99: New Agricultural Education Policy for Reshaping India
Policy Paper 100: Strategies for Enhancing Soil Organic Carbon for Food Security and Climate Action
Policy Paper 101: Big Data Analytics in Agriculture
Policy Paper 102: WTO and Indian Agriculture – Issues, Concerns and Possible Solutions
Policy Paper 103: Antimicrobial Resistance
Policy Brief 10: Harmonization of Seed Regulations for Sustainable Food Security in India
Policy Brief 11: Towards Revision of Biological Diversity Act 2002


Policy Paper 93: Enhancing Science Culture in Agricultural Research Institutions
Policy Paper 94: Payment for Ecosystem Services in Agriculture
Policy Paper 95: Food-borne Zoonotic Diseases
Policy Paper 96: Livestock Improvement through Artificial Insemination
Policy Brief 7: Regulatory Framework for Genome Edited Plants: Accelerating the Pace and Precision of Plant Breeding -2019
Policy Brief 8: Covid-19 Pandemic: Impact and New Normal in Agriculture
Policy Brief 9: Direct Benefit Transfer of Fertilizer Subsidy: Policy Perspectives
Book - Agricultural Transformation – The Road to New India by Prof. R.B. Singh


Strategy Paper 10: Renewable Energy: A New Paradigm for Growth in Agriculture
Strategy Paper 11: Rumen Microbiome an Amelioration of Methane Production
Strategy Paper 12: Harnessing Full Potential of A1 and A2 Milk in India: An Update
Strategy Paper 13: Development and Adoption of Novel Fertilizer Materials
Policy Paper 89: Vertical Farming
Policy Paper 90: Zero Budget Natural Farming - Myth or Reality
Policy Paper 91: Loan Waiving versus Income Support Schemes: Challenges and Way Forward
Policy Paper 92: Tropical Wilt Race-4 Affecting Banana Cultivation
Policy Brief 4: Uniform Policy for Fish Disease Diagnosis and Quarantine
Policy Brief 5: Saving the Harvest: Reducing the Food Loss and Waste
Presidential Address on Feeding 1.7 Billion delivered by Prof. Panjab Singh at Foundation Day
Foundation Day Lecture on Can India's Success in Agriculture Benefit Africa? by Dr, Peter Carberry, Director General. ICRISAT
Dr. A.B. Joshi Memorial Lecture on ‘Leveraging Agritech Startups in Indian Agriculture Innovation Ecosystem’ on 20th February 2019 by Dr. R. Mashelkar, F.R.S., National Research Professor


Strategy Paper 7: Vegetable Oil Economy and Production Problems in India
Strategy Paper 8: Conservation Policies for Hilsa and Mahseer
Strategy Paper 9: Accelerating Seed Delivery Systems
Policy Brief 3: Soil Health: New Policy Initiatives for Farmers Welfare
Presidential Address on Agriculture: The Driver of Inclusive Growth delivered by Prof. Panjab Singh at Foundation Day


Policy Paper 85 : Hydroponic Fodder Production in India
Policy Paper 86 : Mismatch between Policies and Development Priorities in Agriculture
Policy Paper 87 : Abiotic Stress Management with Focus on Drought, Food and Hailstorm
Policy Paper 88 : Mitigating Land Degradation Due to Water Erosion (Dr V.N. Sharda)
Strategy Paper-4 : Sustaining Soybean Productivity and Production in India
Strategy Paper-5 : Strengthening Agricultural Extension Research and Education- The way Forward
Strategy Paper-6 : Strategy on Utilization of Glauconite Mineral as Source of Potassium
Strategy Paper-7 : Vegetable Oil Economy and Production Problems in India
Policy Brief 2 : Innovative Viable Solutions to rice residue Burning in Rice-Wheat cropping Systems through Concurrent Use of Super Straw Management System-fitted Combines and Turbo Happy Seeder
Presidential Address on Reforms in Agricultural Research and Development delivered by Prof. Panjab Singh at Foundation Day


Policy Paper 78 : Reservoir Fisheries Development in India: Management and Policy Option
Policy Paper 79 : Integration of Medicinal and aromatic Crop Cultivation and Value Chain Management of Small Farmers
Policy Paper 80 : Augmenting Forage Resources in Rural India: Policy Issues and Strategies
Policy Paper 81 : Climate Resilient Livestock Production
Policy Paper 82 : Breeding Policy for Cattle and Buffalo in India
Policy Paper 83 : Issues and Challenges in Shifting Cultivation and its Relevance in the Present Context
Policy Paper 84 : Practical and Affordable Approaches for Precision in Farm Equipment and Machinery
Status/Strategy Paper 2 : Towards Pulses Self-Sufficiency in India
Status/Strategy Paper 3 : Strategy for Transformation of Indian Agriculture for Doubling Farm Income and Improving Farmers Welfare
Policy Brief : To Accelerate Utilization of GE Technology for Food & Nutrition Security and Improving Farmers’ Income
Presidential Address on ‘AgrInnovation: Peasant to People’ delivered by Dr. S. Ayyappan at Foundation Day

Periodicals of the Academy

NAAS News (quarterly), a document informing about the events and happenings in the Academy besides views of Fellows and articles on policy issues. So far 58 issues have been brought out since 2001.

NAAS Year Planner

NAAS Year Book: The Academy has been bringing out the Year Book, a compilation of Fellowship profiles and guidelines of the Academy every year since 1994.


Policy Paper 73: Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural Research, Education and Extension for Development [AREE4D]
Policy Paper 74: Biodrainage: An Eco-friendly Tool for Combating Waterlogging
Policy Paper 75: Linking Farmers with Markets for Inclusive Growth in Indian Agriculture
Policy Paper 76: Bio-fuels to Power Indian Agriculture
Policy Paper 77: Aquaculture Certification in India: Criteria and Implementation Plan
Status/Strategy Paper I: Role of Social Scientists in National Agricultural Research System (NARS)
State of Indian Agriculture – Water
State of Indian Agriculture – Energy
State of Indian Agriculture – Soil
Down the Memory Lane (25 Years of NAAS)
100 Years - Agricultural Sciences in India
Panel Discussion on Views of Young Scientists on Research Challenges in the Changing Climate Scenario
Presidential Address on ‘Response for Resilience: Happy Agriculture’ delivered by Dr. S. Ayyappan at Foundation Day
Foundation Day Lecture on Structure of Indian Agriculture-Growth and Policy Epochs by Prof. Y.K. Alagh


A Roadmap to Transform Agricultural Education to Reshape India’s Future - an outcome of deliberations at XI Agriculture Science Congress

Proceedings of the XI Agricultural Science Congress on the theme Transform Agricultural Education to Reshape India’s Future

Presidential Address on ‘Family Farms: Farm, Feed & Flourish’ delivered by delivered by Dr. S. Ayyappan at Foundation Day

Transforming Agriculture to Reshape India’s Future – a compendium of previous Presidential Addresses delivered on NAAS Foundation Day

Report of NAAS Committee on Agricultural Credit and Insurance

Policy Paper 68 : Efficient Utilization of Phosphorus

Policy Paper 69 : Carbon Economy in Indian Agriculture

Policy Paper 70 : MOOC for Capacity Building in Indian Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges

Policy Paper 71 : Role of Root Endophytes in Agricultural Productivity

Policy Paper 72 : Bioinformatics in Agriculture : Way Forward

Agricultural News a compendium based on newspaper clippings. This is brought out once in two months. So far 113 issues have been brought out since 1995. Each issue contains nearly 300 News clippings classified into over 14 Sections.


Proceedings of the X Agricultural Science Congress on the theme Soil, Plant and Animal Health for Enhanced and Sustained Agricultural Productivity

Presidential Address on ‘Agricultural Education: Shaping India’s Future’ delivered by Prof. R.B. Singh at XI Agricultural Science Congress at Bhubaneswar.

Presidential Address on ‘Climate Smart Agriculture towards an Ever-Green Economy’ delivered by Prof. R.B. Singh at Foundation Day

Dr. A.B. Joshi Memorial Lecture on ‘The Challenging Agriculture in the Changing Times’ on 4th June 2013 by Dr. Mangala Rai, the Chief Advisor, Honorable Chief Minister of Bihar and former Secretary DARE and Director General, Indian Council of Agriculture Research

Policy Paper 59 : Livestock Infertility and its Management

Policy Paper 60 : Water Use Potential of Flood-affected and Drought-prone Areas of Eastern India

Policy Paper 61 : Mastitis Management in Dairy Animals.

Policy Paper 62 : Biopesticide - Quality Assurance.

Policy Paper 63 : Nanotechnology in Agriculture: Score and Current Relevance.

Policy Paper 64 : Improving Productivity of Rice Fallow.

Policy Paper 65 : Climate Resilient Agriculture in India.

Policy Paper 66 : Role of Millets in Nutritional Security in India.

Policy Paper 67 : Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture in India.


Presidential Address on - ‘The Hungry Child Cannot Wait’ delivered by Prof. R.B. Singh at Foundation Day.

Policy Paper 52 : Biosafety Assurance for GM food Crops in India.

Policy Paper 53 : Ecolabelling and Certification in Capture Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Policy Paper 54 : Integration of Millets in Fortified Foods.

Policy Paper 55 : Fighting Child Malnutrtion.

Policy Paper 56 : Sustaining Agricultural Productivity through Integrated Soil Management.

Policy Paper 57 : Value Added Fertilizers and Site Specific Nutrient Management (SSNM).

Policy Paper 58 : Management of Crop Residues in the Context of Conservation Agriculture.


Presidential Address on ‘Millennim Development Goals - Promises to Keep’delivered by Prof. R.B. singh at Foundation Day

Policy Paper 50 : Carrying Capacity of Indian Agriculture.

Policy Paper 51 : Drought Preparedness and Mitigation.


Presidential Address on ‘Towards Developing an Innovative Model for Transformation of Agriculture in India’ delivered by Dr. Mangala Rai at Foundation Day

Degraded and Wastelands of India – Status and Spatial Distribution, a joint publication by NAAS and ICAR.

Conservation Agriculture – Innovations for Improving Efficiency, Equity and Environment – Selected Papers of 4th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture

State of Indian Agriculture – Indo-Gangetic Plains.

Policy Paper 43 : Antibiotics in Manure and Soil – A Grave Threat to Human and Animal Health.

Policy Paper 44 : Plant Quarantine including Internal Quarantine Strategies in View of Onslaught of Diseases and Insect Pests.

Policy Paper 45 : Agrochemicals Management: Issues and Strategies.

Policy Paper 46 : Veterinary Vaccines and Diagnostics.

Policy Paper 47 : Protected Agriculture in North-West Himalaya.

Policy Paper 48 : Exploring Untapped Potential of Acid Soils of India.

Policy Paper 49 : Agricultural Waste Management.


Book entitled- State of Indian Agriculture.

Address by Shri Sharad Pawar, Hon'ble Union Minister of Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution at the release of the NAAS Publication on 'State of Indian Agriculture'.

Presidential Address - Agriculture - Fast Forward delivered by Dr. Mangala Rai at Foundation Day.

Book on - Revival of the Agricultural Crescent of Bihar a Study Report.

Policy Paper 42: Crop Response and Nutrient Ratio.


Presidential Address on “Agriculture and Biotech Culture” by Dr. Mangala Rai delivered at Foundation Day.

Science, Technology, and Trade for Peace and Prosperity - Proceedings of 2nd International Rice Conference.

Book entitled - Converting Deserts into Oasis.

Proceedings of Symposium on Farmer-led Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture.

Policy Paper 40: High Value Agriculture in India: Prospects and Policies .

Policy Paper 41: Sustainable Energy for Rural India.


Presidential Address on “Science and the Agrarian Crisis” by Prof. M. S. Swaminathan delivered at New Year Get-together function of the Academy.

Citations - Recipients of Academy’s Awards for the biennium 2005-06

Presidential Address on “Restoring Farmers’ Faith in Farming” delivered by Prof. M. S. Swaminathan at Foundation Day

A Book on Agriculture Cannot Wait: New Horizons in Indian Agriculture - A synthesis and compilation of 39 Policy Papers/Highlights brought out by the Academy during the last 15 years.

A Book on Search for New Genes, based on the National Symposium organized to mark the birth centenary of Late Dr. B.P.Pal. containing eighteen invited contributions from eminent scientists of the country and Inaugural Address by the President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on “Impact of Gene Science in Agriculture”.


2006-07: Year of Agricultural Renewal by Professor M.S. Swaminathan, President of the Academy.

Presidential Address by Prof. M. S. Swaminathan at Foundation Day on Restoring Farmers’ Faith in Farming

Policy Paper no. 34 : Guidelines for Improving the Quality of Indian Journals & Professional Societies in Agriculture and Allied Sciences

Policy Paper no. 35: Low and Declining Crop Response to Fertilizers

Policy Paper no. 36: Belowground Biodiversity in Relation to Cropping Systems

Policy Paper no. 37: Employment Opportunities in Farm and Non-Farm Sectors Through Technological Interventions with Emphasis on Primary Value Addition

Policy Paper no. 38: WTO and Indian Agriculture: Implications for Policy and R&D.

Highlights & Recommendations on Ten Years After Beijing Conference: Gender, Science and Agriculture


Proceedings of the Workshop on Biosafety of Transgenic Rice

Keynote Address by Dr. Mangala Rai at Seventh Agricultural Science Congress

Inaugural Address by Shri Sharad Chandraji Pawar, Hon’ble Union Minister of Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution at Seventh Agricultural Science Congress

Presidential Address by Prof. M. S. Swaminathan at Seventh Agricultural Science Congress: Revamping and Refocusing Research and Fostering new Partnerships for Agricultural Research

Policy Paper 30: Organic Farming: Approaches and Possibilities in the Context of Indian Agriculture

Policy Paper 31: Redefining Agricultural Education and Extension System in Changed Scenario

Policy Paper 32: Emerging Issues in Water Management - The Question of Ownership

Highlights of the Seventh Agricultural Science Congress on Entrepreneurship Development in Agriculture

NAAS Brochure

NAAS Folder with Summary of Policy Papers 1-30

Report on Visit of NAAS Delegation to CAAS

Presidential Address on Science and Technology for Bharat Nirman at 12th Annual General Body Meeting:


Policy Paper 25: Stakeholders' Perceptions On Employment Oriented Agricultural Education

Policy Paper 26: Peri-Urban Vegetable Cultivation in the NCR Delhi

Policy Paper 27: Disaster Management in Agriculture

Policy Paper 28: Impact of Inter River Basin Linkages on Fisheries

Policy Paper 29: Transgenic Crops and Biosafety Issues Related to Their Commercialization In India


Policy Paper 19: Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture

Policy Paper 20: Dichotomy Between Grain Surplus and Widespread Endemic Hunger

Policy Paper 21: Priorities of Research and Human Resource Development in Fisheries Biotechnology

Policy Paper 22: Seaweed Cultivation and Utilization

Policy Paper 23: Export Potential of Dairy Products

Policy Paper 24: Biosafety of Transgenic Rice


Technical Paper Framing Rules for Operationalizing the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act: Recommendations of a Scientists Group

Highlights of Sixth Agricultural Science Congress on Multi-enterprise Systems for Viable Agriculture

Policy Paper 16: Agriculture-Industry Interface: Value Added Farm Products

Policy Paper 17: Scientists’ Views on Good Governance of An Agricultural Research Organization

Policy Paper 18: Agricultural Policy: Redesigning R & D to Achieve It’s Objectives

Proceedings of the 88th Session of the Indian Science Congress: Towards Food Secure India


Policy Paper 7: Diversification of Agriculture for Human Nutrition

Policy Paper 8: Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Nutritional Security

Policy Paper 9: Strategies for Agricultural Research in the North East

Policy Paper 10: Globalization of Agriculture: R & D in India

Policy Paper 11: Empowerment of Women in Agriculture

Policy Paper 12: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement of the World Trade Organization – Advantage India

Policy Paper 13: Hitech Horticulture in India

Policy Paper 14: Conservation and Management of Genetic Resources of Livestock

Policy Paper 15: Prioritization of Agricultural Research

88th Session of the Indian Science Congress 2001 - Highlights and Recommendations

88th Session of the Indian Science Congress 2001 - Summary Proceedings

Souvenir on the occasion of the 88th Session of the Indian Science Congress

Highlights of Fifth Agricultural Science Congress on Sustainable Development of Mountain Agriculture


Pre-workshop Proceedings on Management of Genetic Resources of Livestock


Action Plan on Conservation, Management and Use of Agro-Biodiversity

Policy Paper 5: Sustainable Agricultural Export

Policy Paper 6: Re-orienting Land Grant System of Agricultural Education

Proceedings of the National Seminar on Harnessing and Managing Water Resources for Enhancement of

Agricultural Production in Eastern Region

Proceedings of Forth Agricultural Science Congress on Sustainable Agricultural Export

Forth Agricultural Science Congress - Highlights

Presidential address: Change We Must but Change is Difficult by Dr. R.S. Paroda


Proceedings of the Round Table Conference on National Water Policy Agricultural Scientists' Perceptions

Policy Paper 3: Harnessing and Management of Water Resources for Enhancing Agricultural Production in

Eastern Region

Policy Paper 4: Conservation, Management and Use of Agro-Biodiversity

Proceedings of National Symposium on Plant Nutrient Needs, Supply Efficiency and Policy Issues: 2000 - 2005

Proceedings of the 2nd International Crop Science Congress

Post-Congress Proceedings with recommendations of the Third Agricultural Science Congress held at Ludhiana


Highlights of the 2nd International Crop Science Congress

Invited and Contributed Papers (Two volumes) of Third Agricultural Science Congress held at PAU Ludhiana

Policies and Priorities of Agricultural Research and Education in India : Presidential address of Dr. R.S. Paroda at

the Third Agricultural Science Congress

Policy Paper 2: Fertiliser Policy Issue 2000-2025 - Agricultural Scientists' Perceptions


Abstract proceedings of the Symposium on Biochemical Basis of Host-plant Resistance to Insect

Felicitation Volume on Occasion of Dr. M.S. Swaminathan’s 70th Birthday

Proceedings of the National Symposium on Biochemical Bases of Host-Plant Resistance to Insects

Uncommon Opportunities for Achieving Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security. An Agenda for Science and Public policy

Conference Proceedings of Science Academies Summit

Abstract of Poster Sessions of 2nd International Crop Science Congress

Summary of Invited Papers of 2nd International Crop Science Congress

Abstracts proceedings of the National Workshop on Animal Research and Development

Sustaining Green Revolution New Paradigms: A Keynote Address delivered by Dr. R.S. Paroda on 2nd ICSC

Souvenir: the 2nd International Crop Science Congress


Abstracts proceedings of at the Second Agricultural Science Congress

Abstracts proceedings of the National Workshop on Animal Research and Development

Proceedings of the Second Agricultural Science Congress held at Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University,

Hyderabad. Contents include National Water Policy, On-Farm Employment, Vector Biology and other topics in

the field of crop production and crop improvement

Policy Paper 1: Agricultural Scientist’s Perceptions on National Water Policy


Abstracts proceedings of the Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Agricultural Biotechnology


Proceedings of the First Agricultural Science Congress held at New Delhi. Contents include Global Climate and Agriculture, Rio Agenda; Priorities of Agriculture Research; and Capital Requirement for Modernization of Agriculture