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Programmes 2021

The Academy organizes Brainstorming Sessions (BSS) each year on thematic areas of national importance related to Indian agriculture. To make these BSS more focused with contemporary relevance, the Executive Council has framed guidelines which are placed at Annexure. For the year 2021, the Council has approved the following programmes:

1. Strategy Workshop on Potential of Transgenic Poultry for Biopharming
2. Strategy Workshop on Waste-to-Wealth: Use of Food Industry Waste as Animal Feed
3. Brain Storming Session on Gender and Nutrition Based Extension in Agriculture
4. Brain Storming Session on WTO and Indian Agriculture
5. Brain Storming Session on Contract Farming for Commercial Agriculture
6. Strategy Workshop on Sericulture for Enhancing Farmers’ Income
7. Strategy Workshop on Entrepreneurship for Quality Fodder Production
8. Strategy Workshop on Drudgery Free Agriculture
9. Strategy Workshop on Quality Planting Material for Promoting Agricultural Diversification
10. Policy Brief on Road Map to Rehabilitate 26 million ha Degraded Lands by 2030
11. Strategy Workshop on Impact of Covid 19 on Animal Health and Dairy Industry