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During 2019, thirty four new Fellows including two Foreign Fellows and three Pravasi Fellows were elected. Thus total number of Fellows as on 1.1.2020 (in the live register) has become 698, which include 56 Foreign Fellows, 9 Pravasi Fellow and one Corporate Fellow.

Guidelines for Award of Fellowships

The Fellows elected in accordance with the prescribed Rules and Regulations, constitute the General Body of the Academy. With the approval of the General Body, new categories of Corporate Fellows, Corporate Members and Institutionsal Members were introduced in 1998, 2002 and 2015, respectively. The purpose of this initiative was to encourage and recognize corporate and other institutions who form an important component of the NARS family and provide strong support in terms of programmes and nances for furtherance of the objectives and activities of the Academy. Please click for Guidelines and Announcement for Election of Fellowship.