Guidelines for Short-term study

  1. Eligibility: the short-term study will be eligible only for NAAS Fellowship (both in service and superannuated). The proposals received from the NAAS Associates will also be considered.
  2. Placement of work: the proposer should forward his/her proposal through the Convener of the concerned NAAS Regional Chapter / Head of the Institution where the proposer desires to execute the work.
  3. Area of work:  NAAS would support the short-term study specifically to review the work under the recognized disciplines of the Academy for identifying gaps in the existing knowledge within the country and also suggest future areas of work receiving global attention. The work should not involve any extensive / field work. The frontier areas of agricultural science may also be identified for future research. For example survey of breeding, agronomic, protection objectives in crops and allied sectors; survey of literature on various relevant subjects; identifying published work in last ten years special in the world; study of assessment of new technologies on their acquisition; review of the Policy Paper of NAAS.
  4. Period of Study: The work should be completed within a period of six-months after release of funds by NAAS and report submitted to the Academy within next three months. This is one time grant and no extension of the study will be entertained.
  5. Budget or Financial support: The Academy will extend budget support maximum of Rs. 1.00 lakh to undertake this short-term study with following break-up:
  1. 40% of the budget will be spent on contractual services.
  2. 20% of the budget on travel within the country
  3. 20% of the budget on contingencies
  4. 20% of the budget will be honorarium for the proposer (will be released after the receipt of final Report and Utilization Certificate in the Academy) (the payment of honorarium i.r.o in service Fellowship / Associates will be governed as per ICAR / SAUs regulations).

At the end of the work and submission of the report the necessary utilization certificate need to be submitted to the Academy. The funds from above mentioned heads cannot be changed however in exceptional circumstances the changes between (b) and (c) can be considered with prior approval of the Academy.

6. Mode of Payment: The budget will be released by the Academy through the Convener of Regional Chapter, NAAS or the Head of the host institution where proposer is place.