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Status/Strategy Papers

  1. Role of Social Scientists in National Agricultural Research System (NARS) (Convener: Dr Mruthyunjaya)
  2. Towards Self-sufficiency of Pulses in India (Conveners: Dr M.C. Saxena and Dr N.P. Singh)
  3. Strategy for Transformation of Indian Agriculture for Doubling Farm Income and Improving Farmers Welfare (Conveners: Dr Suresh Pal, Dr P K Joshi and Dr Anjani Kumar)
  4. Sustaining Soybean Productivity and Production in India (Convener: Dr S.M. Virmani)
  5. Strengthening Agricultural Extension Research and Education - The Way Forward (Conveners: Dr C. Ramasamy and Dr A.K. Singh)
  6. Strategy on Utilization of Glauconite Mineral as Source of Potassium (Convener: Prof. J.C. Katyal)
  7. Vegetable Oil Economy and Production Problems in India (Convener: Dr C.D. Mayee)
  8. Conservation Policies for Hilsa and Mahseer (Convener: Dr K.K. Vass)
  9. Accelerating Seed Delivery Systems for Priming Indian Farm Productivity Enhancement: A Strategic View Point (Convener: Dr K.V. Prabhu)
  10. Renewable Energy: A New Paradigm for Growth in Agriculture (Convener: Dr O.P. Yadav)
  11. Rumen Microbiome and Amelioration of Methane Production (Convener: Prof D.N. Kamra)
  12. Harnessing Full Potential of A1 and A2 Milk in India: An Update (Convener: Dr. A.K. Srivastava)
  13. Development and Adoption of Novel Fertilizer Materials (Convener: Dr. Chandrika Varadachari)