Professional Association of Agricultural Societies

  1. Indian Society of Seed Technology
  2. Asian Agri-History Foundation
  3. Indian Society of Soil Science
  4. Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers
  5. The Indian Veterinary Association
  6. Entomological Society of India
  7. The Indian Society of Extension Education
  8. Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources
  9. Nematological Society of India
  10. Indian Society of Coastal Agricultural Research
  11. The Marine Biological Association of India
  12. The Orchid Society of India
  13. Indian Society of Weed Science
  14. Indian Mycological Society
  15. Indian Meat Science Association
  16. Center for Advancement of Applied Sciences
  17. Society for Biocontrol advancement, India
  18. The Indian Society of Agricultural Economics
  19. Indian Society for Plantation Crops
  20. Range Management Society of India
  21. Indian Phytopathological Society
  22. Indian Association of Soil And Water Conservationists
  23. Indian Society of Plant Pathologists
  24. The Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding
  25. The Indian Society of Agronomy
  26. Indian Society of Agricultural Marketing
  27. Agricultural Economics Research Association
  28. Indian Society of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning
  29. Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Research
  30. Indian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology
  31. Society of Extension Education
  32. Indian Dairy Association
  33. Soil Conservation Society of India
  34. Indian Society for Sheep and Goat Production and Utilization
  35. Indian Poultry Science Association
  36. Indian Academy of Horticultural Sciences
  37. Indian Society of Pulses Research and Development
  38. Bioved Research Society
  39. The Clay Minerals Society of India
  40. Indian Society of Animal Production and Management
  41. The Andhra Agricultural Union
  42. Indian Society of Vegetable Science
  43. Indian Society of Oilseeds Research
  44. Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics
  45. National Environmental Science Academy
  46. Association of Food Scientists & Technologists
  47. Society for Advancement of Human And Nature
  48. Indian Society of Agroforestry
  49. Association of Rice Research Workers
  50. The Indian Society of Agricultural Science
  51. Indian Society for Plant Physiology
  52. Indian Society of Soil Salinity and Water Quality
  53. Inland Fisheries Society of India
  54. Indian Society for Cotton Improvement
  55. Society for Upliftment of Rural Economy
  56. Arid Zone Research Association of India
  57. Mushroom Society of India
  58. Indian Society of Forage Research
  59. Doctor’s Krishi Evam Bagwani Vikas Sanstha
  60. Indian Virological Society
  61. Society of Pesticide Science India
  62. Indian Society for Spices
  63. Association for Advancement in Plant Protection
  64. Society for Rapeseed-Mustard Research
  65. Society of Biological Sciences and Rural Development
  66. Society for Sugarcane Research and Development
  67. Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery
  68. Society for Advancement of Wheat and Barley Research
  69. Society for Conservation and Resource Development of Medicinal Plants
  70. Society for Sugar Research and Promotion
  71. Technology Society of Basic and Applied Sciences
  72. Cotton Research and Development Association
  73. Indian Society of Tobacco Sciences