Dr. O.P. Dutta
Fellow, Elected 1997

Born in Srinagar, J&K, India on 2 January 1941. Completed P.P.Ag., 1962, University of Rajasthan, B.Sc., 1966, M.Sc., 1968, University of Udaipur; Ph.D., 1981 University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.

SRA, 1968-72, Jr. Veg. Breeder, 1972-75, Scientist-S1, 1975-76, Scientist-S2, 1976-82, Scientist-S3, 1982-85, Principal Scientist, 1986-94, Head, 1982-85, 1986-89, 1992-94, and 1995-2001, Division of Vegetable Crops, IIHR, Bangalore; FAO Technical Consultant for Regional Cooperation for Vegetable Research and Development in Bangladesh, China, DPR Korea, Thailand, Pakistan and Nepal-1994; FAO Seed Production Expert, Bangladesh 1998-99; Member-QRT, AICRP (Veg.Crops), 2002; Member-Sectional committee (Horticulture Sciences), 2006, 2007, 2008; Member-Task force for validation of DUS Test Guidelines for chilli,sweet pepper and paprika-2014; Member-Research Advisory Committee (RAC) of IIVR, Varanasi, 2014-2017; PNASF/Senior Technical Advisor-2002-2016; PNASF/Senior Scientific Councillor (SSC), 2017 to date.

Awards/Honours: UAS Gold Medal for General Merit, 1981; PNASF-ICAR Gold Medal for Life Time Achievements, 2001- 02; PNASF- International Gold Medal for Outstanding Research in Vegetable Improvement; 2002; Outstanding Scientific Programme Leader in Horticulture, 2009; International Award for Outstanding Contributions in Vegetable Research and Development, 2014. Felicitation for the contribution in the field of vegetable research at the 28th group meeting of All India Coordinated Research Project (Veg, Crops), 2010 at IIHR Bangaluru.

Fellow: Indian Society of Vegetable Science, 1998.

Research Areas: Vegetable breeding / Hybrid Seed Production in Vegetables.

Address: #70, Chiranjeevi Layout, 3rd Main, Hebbal - Kempapura, Bengaluru 560024, Karnataka; [Tel: Res: (080) 40908529, Cell: 9845131792; Email: opdutta@hotmail.com]