Dr. Rayappa Ramappa Hanchinal
Fellow, Elected 2017

Born in Babaleshwar, Karnataka on 1 June 1952. Educated at KM High School, Jath and S.S. High School, Babaleshwar; S.B. College of Science, Gulbarga 1970; College of Agriculture, Dharwad 1970-76; Ph.D 1981.

Chairperson, Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers' Rights Authority, Government of India, Since May 1, 2013 to date.

Assistant Professor-NARP, ARS Bijapur, UAS, Bangalore, 1982-84; Plant Scientist (Cotton) & Head, (Associate Prof.) ARS Arabhavi, UAS, Bangalore, 1984-85; Wheat Breeder, RRS Dharwad, UAS Bangalore/Dharwad, 1985-94;Senior Wheat Breeder (Professor) & Head, UAS, Dharwad, 1994-2001; Special Officer (Seeds) & Senior Wheat Breeder, UAS, Dharwad, 2001-04; Director of Research, Special Officer (Seeds) & Sr. Wheat Breeder, UAS, Dharwad, 2006-07; Director of Research, UAS, Dharwad, 2006-08; Senior Seed Production Specialist USAID-West Africa Seed Alliance (WASA), ICRISAT-West Africa Bomako, Mali and Kano, Nigeria, 2008; Director of Extension and Director- State Level Agricultural Management Training Institute (SAMETI)- North, UAS Dharwad, 2008-10; Vice Chancellor, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, 2010-13.

Awards/Honours: Fakruddin Ali Ahmed Award, 1998-99; Sir Ekbote prize, 1998; Nagamma Dattatreya Rao Desai Award, 1999; Karnataka Rajyotsava Hubli-Dharwad Corporation Award, 1999 and 2003; UAS Dharwad Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution in Seed Production and Seed Research, 2005; Rao Bahaddur Dr. Ram Dhan Singh Trust Memorial Award, HAU Hissar, 2007; BIOVED Sangam Ratna Award, 2013; NABS - Life Time Achievement Award, 2014; Prof. S. Kannaiyan Memorial Award, 2016; Sri S.V. Reddy Memorial Award, 2016; RICAREA M.S. Swaminathan Award for Biennium 2015-16.

Fellow: National Academy of Biological Sciences; Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding; BIOVED Research Institute of Agriculture & Technology, Allahabad; 2011 SAB Honorary Fellowship from Society for Applied Biotechnology.

Research Areas: Agriculture (Plant Breeding and Genetics, Seed Production Technology, Intellectual Property Rights and Plant Genetic Resource Management)

Address: Consultant, Bioversity International, NASC Complex, New Delhi 110012; 6389, B-9 Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070; [Tel: Off.: 011-25849000; 011-26130010, Cell: 8130578889; Email: rrhanchinal@rediffmail.com; r.hanchinal@cgiar.org]