Dr. Parveen Kumar

Born in Hisar, India on 19 March, 1970. Educated at CCSHAU, Hisar, 1985-92; ICAR-IARI, New Delhi, 1993-97. B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. 1990; M.Sc. (Agronomy) 1992; Ph.D. (Agronomy) 1997.

Director, ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Goa

Scientist 1995-99, Scientist (Sr. Scale) 1999-2004, Sr. Scientist 2004-2010, ICAR-CPRI, Campus, Modipuram; Principal Scientist 2010-2020, ICAR-CSSRI, Karnal; Principal Scientist 2020-2021, NRM Division, ICAR, New Delhi; Director 2021- till date, ICAR-CCARI, Goa.

Awards/Honours: HAU Gold Medal & Mrs. N.L. Khestry Gold Medal in B.Sc. (Hons.) 1990; IARI Gold Medal & G.A. Dastane Gold Medal in Ph.D. 1997; Associate NAAS 2008; ICAR Hari Om Ashram Trust Award 2014-15; ICAR-CPRI Dr. S Ramanujam Award 2007; IPA-Kaushalaya Sikka Memorial Award twice 2000-2004 and 2005-2009; Indian Society of Agronomy Gold Medal 2017; ICAR-CSSRI Excellence Award 2017; Visiting Scientist, Institute of Resistance Research and Stress Tolerance, Germany 2009; ICAR-CSSRI Director’s Appreciation Award 2017-18; Editor, Indian Journal of Agronomy since 2020; Associate Editor, Journal of Soil Salinity and Water Quality 2017-2020; Member, Editorial Board, Potato Journal 2014-2020; Editor, Annals of Agricultural Research 2016-2020. Member IMC, ICAR-NBSS&LUP, Nagpur 2015-2018; Member IMC, ICAR-IIFSR, Modipuram 2016-2019; Member Secretary, RAC, ICAR-CSSRI, Karnal 2015-2018; Since 2021 holding following positions: President, Association for Coastal Agricultural Research, Goa; Member, Goa State Biodiversity Board; Member, Board of Management, NAU, Navsari, Gujarat; Member, State Level Project Screening Committee, RKVY, Goa; Member, State Level Nodal Agency, Goa for PMKSY-WDC; Member, State Level Executive Committee for implementation of NMSA, Goa; Member, SLEC for mission for MIDH, Goa; Member, State Monitoring Unit, Dept. AH &VS, Goa; Member, Goa State Biodiversity Action Plan; Member, PKVY Scheme, Goa; Member, Thematic Expert Committee on Agrobiodiversity, Goa; Member, Member, Regional Advisory Committee, NABARB, Goa. Member, Academic Advisory Council, Institute of Management, Goa

Fellow: Indian Academy of Horticultural Sciences, Indian Society of Agronomy, Indian Potato Association

Research Areas: Agronomy, Coastal Agriculture, Management of salt affected soils and poor-quality waters, Agroforestry for carbon sequestration and soil health management, Potato production for processing purposes

Address: Director, ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa 403402; Director Residence, ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural, Research Institute, Goa 403402; [Tel: Off. (0832) 2995095; Cell: 9468409209; Email: pkumarcssri@gmail.com]

NAAS Associate, 2008