The Academy publishes Policy Papers based on the recommendations emerging out of the scientific programmes organized by it. The Academy also initiated a process to identify some important recommendations made in these Policy Papers and formulate projects to develop implementable action plan. The Academy has so far published the following Policy Papers:

Policy Paper 127 Seaweed Farming and Utilization
Policy Paper 126 Milk vs Plant Based Dairy Analogues: Myths and Facts
Policy Paper 125 Food Safety Strategies for Indian Fisheries Sector
Policy Paper 124 Enhancing Agri-Infrastructure and Agri-Business Development through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in India
Policy Paper 123 Impact of COVID 19 on Livestock (Animal Health and Dairy/Poultry/Meat/Feed Industry)
Policy Paper 122 Beyond Price Support and Subsidy
Policy Paper 121 Self-sufficiency in Edible Oil Production
Policy Paper 120 Scaling up Innovative Agricultural Extension Models
Policy Paper 119 Secondary Agriculture – Challenges, Opportunities and Way Forward
Policy Paper 118 Entrepreneurship for Quality Fodder Production (Convener: Dr. A.K. Roy)
Policy Paper 117 Road Map for Rehabilitation of 26 Mha Degraded Lands in India (Convener: Dr. Ch. Srinivasa Rao)
Policy Paper 116 Sustaining the Pulses Revolution in India: Technological and Policy Measures (Convener: Dr. Anjani Kumar)
Policy Paper 115 Waste to Wealth – Use of Food Waste as Animal Feed and Beyond (Convener: Dr. N.K.S. Gowda)
Policy Paper 114 Promoting Millet Production, Value Addition and Consumption (Convener: Dr. O.P. Yadav)
Policy Paper 113 Contract Farming for Transforming Indian Agriculture (Convener: Dr. Anjani Kumar)
Policy Paper 112 Gender and Nutrition based Extension in Agriculture (Convener: Dr. Ashok K Singh)
Policy Paper 111 Food Fortification : Issues and Way Forward (Convener: Dr. K. Madhavan Nair)
Policy Paper 110 Strategies and Approaches for Promotion of Sustainable Bivoltine Sericulture in India (Conveners: Dr. S.B. Dandin and Dr. Shailaja Hittalmani)
Policy Paper 109 Emergency Preparedness for Prevention of Transboundary Infectious Disease in Indian Livestock and Poultry (Convener: Dr. Parimal Roy)
Policy Paper 108 Agri-startups in India: Opportunities, Challenges and Way Forward (Convener: Dr. Ch. Srinivasa Rao)
Policy Paper 107 Certification of Quality Planting Material of Clonally Propagated Fruit Crops For Promoting Agricultural Diversification (Convener: Dr. V.K. Baranwal)
Policy Paper 106 Utilization of Wastewaters in Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (Convener: Dr. J.C. Dagar)
Policy Paper 105 Sugarcane-based Ethanol Production for Sustainable Fuel Ethanol Blending Programme (Convener: Dr. Bakshi Ram)
Policy Paper 104 One World One Health (Convener: Dr. A.K. Srivastava)
Policy Paper 103 Antimicrobial Resistance (Convener: Dr. A.K. Srivastava)
Policy Paper 102 WTO and Indian Agriculture: Issues, Concerns, and Possible Solutions (Conveners: Dr. Sachin K. Sharma, Dr. Pratap S. Birthal and Prof. Abhijit Das)
Policy Paper 101 Big Data Analytics in Agriculture (Convener: Dr. Rajender Parsad)
Policy Paper 100 Strategies for Enhancing Soil Organic Carbon for Food Security and Climate Action (Conveners: Dr. Ch Srinivasa Rao and Dr. Anil K. Singh)
Policy Paper 99 New Agricultural Education Policy for Reshaping India (Convener: Dr. R.B. Singh)
Policy Paper 98 Agriculture and Food Policy for the Five Trillion Dollar Economy (Convener: Dr. Suresh Pal)
Policy Paper 97 Potential of Non-Bovine Milk (Convener: Dr. M.S. Chauhan)
Policy Paper 96 Livestock Improvement through Artificial Insemination (Convener: Dr. A.K. Srivastava)
Policy Paper 95 Food-borne Zoonotic Diseases (Convener: Dr. A.K. Srivastava)
Policy Paper 94 Payment of Ecosystem Services (Convener: Dr. P.S. Birthal)
Policy Paper 93 Enhancing Science Culture in Agricultural Research Institutions (Convener: Dr. N.H. Rao)
Policy Paper 92: Tropical Wilt Race-4 Affecting Banana Cultivation (Convener: Dr. Rashmi Aggarwal)
Policy Paper 91: Loan Waiving versus Income Support Schemes: Challenges and Way Forward (Convener: Dr. P.K. Joshi)
Policy Paper 90: Zero Budget Natural Farming - A Myth or Reality? (Convener: Dr. H.S. Gupta)
Policy Paper 89: Vertical Farming (Convener: Dr. Brahma Singh)
Policy Paper 88: Mitigating Land Degradation due to Water Erosion (Convener: Dr. V.N. Sharda)
Policy Paper 87: Abiotic Stress Management with Focus on Drought, Flood and Hailstorm (Convener: Dr. P.S. Minhas)
Policy Paper 86: Mismatch between Policies and Development Priorities in Agriculture (Convener: Prof. Panjab Singh)
Policy Paper 85: Hydroponic Fodder Production in India (Conveners: Dr. H.S. Gupta and Prof. M.P. Yadav)
Policy Paper 84: Practical and Affordable Approaches for Precision in Farm Equipment and Machinery (Convener: Dr. K.K. Singh)
Policy Paper 83: Issues and Challenges in Shifting Cultivation and its Relevance in the Present Context (Conveners: Dr. U.C. Sharma and Dr. K.M. Bujarbaruah)
Policy Paper 82: Breeding Policy for Cattle and Buffalo in India (Conveners: Dr. M.L. Madan and Prof. M.P. Yadav)
Policy Paper 81: Climate Resilient Livestock Production (Convener: Dr. Khub Singh)
Policy Paper 80: Augmenting Forage Resources in Rural India:Policy Issues and Strategies (Convener: Dr. P.K. Ghosh)
Policy Paper 79: Integration of Medicinal and Aromatic CropCultivation and Value Chain Managementfor Small Farmers (Conveners: Dr. A.K. Tripathi and Dr E.V.S. Prakasa Rao)
Policy Paper 78: Reservoir Fisheries Development in India:Management and Policy Options (Convener: Dr. W.S. Lakra)
Policy Paper 77: Aquaculture Certification in India: Criteria and Implementation Plan (Convener: Dr. I Karunasagar)
Policy Paper 76: Bio-fuels to Power Indian Agriculture (Convener: Prof. B.S. Pathak)
Policy Paper 75: Linking Farmers with Markets for Inclusive Growth in Indian Agriculture (Convener: Dr Anjani Kumar)
Policy Paper 74: Biodrainage: An Eco-friendly Tool for Combating Waterlogging (Convener: Dr S.K. Chaudhari)
Policy Paper 73: Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural Research, Education and Extension for Development [AREE4D] (Convener: Dr P.G. Chengappa)
Policy Paper 72: Bioinformatics in Agriculture: Way Forward (Convener: Dr D.P. Singh)
Policy Paper 71: Role of Root Endophytes in Agricultural Productivity (Convener: Dr. D. Joseph Bagyaraj)
Policy Paper 70: MOOC for Capacity Building in Indian Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges (Convener: Dr C. Devakumar)
Policy Paper 69: Carbon Economy in Indian Agriculture (Convener: Dr A. Subba Rao)
Policy Paper 68: Efficient Utilization of Phosphorus (Convener: Dr A. Subba Rao)
Policy Paper 67: Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture (Convener: Dr H.P. Singh)
Policy Paper 66: Role of Millets in Nutritional Security of India (Convener: Dr. Mahtab Bamji)
Policy Paper 65: Climate Resilient Agriculture in India (Convener: Dr. A.K. Singh)
Policy Paper 64: Improving Productivity of Rice Fallows (Convener: Dr Masood Ali)
Policy Paper 63: Nanotechnology in Agriculture: Scope and Current Relevance (Convener: Dr J.C. Tarafdar)
Policy Paper 62: Biopesticides – Quality Assurance (Convener: Dr A.N. Mukhopadhyay)
Policy Paper 61: Mastitis Management in Dairy Animals (Convener: Dr. A.K. Srivastava)
Policy Paper 60: Water Use Potential of Flood-affected and Drought-prone Areas of Eastern India (Convener: Dr. B.P. Bhatt)
Policy Paper 59: Livestock Infertility and its Management (Convener: Dr. B.S. Prakash)
Policy Paper 58: Management of Crop Residues in the Context of Conservation Agriculture (Convener: Dr. Himanshu Pathak)
Policy Paper 57: Value Added fertilizers and Site Specific Nutrient Management (SSNM) (Convener: Dr. Rajendra Prasad)
Policy Paper 56: Sustaining Agricultural Productivity through Integrated Soil Management (Convener: Dr. A. Subba Rao)
Policy Paper 55: Fighting Child Malnutrition (Convener: Dr. V. Prakash)
Policy Paper 54: Integration of Millets in Fortified Foods (Convener: Dr. A.K. Srivastava)
Policy Paper 53: Ecolabelling and Certification in Capture Fisheries and Aquaculture (Convener: Dr. T.K. Srinivasa Gopal)
Policy Paper 52: Biosafety Assurance for GM Food Crops in India (Convener: Dr. Manju Sharma)
Policy Paper 51: Carrying Capacity of Indian Agriculture (Convener: Dr. C.R. Bhatia)
Policy Paper 50: Drought Preparedness and Mitigation (Convener: Dr. K.D. Sharma)
Policy Paper 49: Agricultural Waste Management (Convener: Dr. N.S.L. Srivastava)
Policy Paper 48: Exploring Untapped Potential of Acid Soils of India (Convener: Dr. C.L. Acharya)
Policy Paper 47: Protected Agriculture in North-West Himalayas (Convener: Dr. Anwar Alam)
Policy Paper 46: Veterinary Vaccines and Diagnostics (Convener: Dr. A.K. Srivastava)
Policy Paper 45: Agrochemicals Management Issues and Strategies (Convener: Dr. B.S. Parmar)
Policy Paper 44: Plant Quarantine including Internal Quarantine.. (Convener: Dr. S.K. Sharma)
Policy Paper 43: Antibiotics in Manure and Soil - A Grave Threat to Human and Animal Health (Convener: Dr. N.S. Pasricha)
Policy Paper 42: Crop Response and Nutrient RatioConvener: Dr. Rajendra Prasad)
Policy Paper 41: Sustainable Energy for Rural India (Convener: Dr. Anwar Alam)
Policy Paper 40: High Value Agriculture in India: Prospects and PoliciesConvener: Dr. S.P. Ghosh)
Policy Paper 39: Innovations in Rural Institutions: Driver for Agricultural Prosperity (Convener: Dr. B C Barah)
Policy Paper 38: WTO and Indian Agriculture: Implications for policy and R&D (Convener: Dr. Mruthyunjaya)
Policy Paper 37: Employment opportunities in farm and non-farm sectors (Convener: Dr. V. Prakash)
Policy Paper 36: Below ground Biodiversity in Relation to Cropping Systems (Convener: Dr. B.N. Johri)
Policy Paper 35: Low and Declining Crop Response to Fertilizers (Convener: Dr. Rajendra Prasad)
Policy Paper 34: Guidelines for Improving the Quality of Indian Journals & Professional Societies in Agriculture and Allied Sciences (Convener: Dr. R.K. Singh)
Policy Paper 33: Policy Options for Efficient Nitrogen Use (Convener: Dr. Y.P. Abrol)
Policy Paper 32: Emerging Issues in Water Management - The Question of Ownership (Convener: Dr. S.S. Acharya)
Policy Paper 31: Redefining Agricultural Education (Convener: Dr. Panjab Singh)

Gist of Policy Paper Nos. 1 - 30 brought out by the Academy since its inception. For Summary of 1-30 Policy Papers please clickhere. Full text of the document is available in the respective following links.

Policy Paper 30: Organic Farming: Approaches and Possibilities in the Context of Indian Agriculture (Convener: Dr. P.K. Chhonkar)
Policy Paper 29: Transgenic Crops and Biosafety Issues Related to Their Commercialization In India (Convener: Dr. R.P. Sharma)
Policy Paper 28: Impact of Inter River Basin Linkages on Fisheries (Convener: Dr. S. Ayyappan)
Policy Paper 27: Disaster Management in Agriculture (convener: Dr. Panjab Singh)
Policy Paper 26: Peri-Urban Vegetable Cultivation in the NCR Delhi (Convener: Dr. S. Nagarajan)
Policy Paper 25: Stakeholders' Perceptions On Employment Oriented Agricultural Education (Convener: Dr. J.C. Katyal)
Policy Paper 24: Biosafety of Transgenic Rice (Convener: Dr. V.L. Chopra)
Policy Paper 23: Export Potential of Dairy Products (Convener: Dr. B.N. Mathur)
Policy Paper 22: Seaweed Cultivation and Utilization (Convener: Dr. S. Ayyappan)
Policy Paper 21: Priorities of Research and Human Resource Development in Fisheries Biotechnology (Convener: Dr. T.J. Pandian)
Policy Paper 20: Dichotomy Between Grain Surplus and Widespread Endemic Hunger (Convener: Dr. M.S. Swaminathan)
Policy Paper 19: Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture (Convener: Dr. Mangala Rai)
Policy Paper 18: Agricultural Policy: Redesigning R & D to Achieve It’s Objectives (Convener: Dr. I.P. Abrol)
Policy Paper 17: Scientists’ Views on Good Governance of An Agricultural Research Organization (Convener: Dr. J.C. Katyal)
Policy Paper 16: Agriculture-Industry Interface: Value Added Farm Products (Convener: Dr. Akshey K. Gupta)
Policy Paper 15: Prioritization of Agricultural Research (Convener: Dr. I.P. Abrol)
Policy Paper 14: Conservation and Management of Genetic Resources of Livestock (Convener: Dr. P.N. Bhat)
Policy Paper 13: Hi-Tech Horticulture in India (Convener: Dr. K.L. Chadha)
Policy Paper 12: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement of the World Trade Organization – Advantage India (Convener: Dr. Anupam Varma)
Policy Paper 11: Empowerment of Women in Agriculture (Convener: Dr. V.P. Gupta)
Policy Paper 10: Globalization of Agriculture: R & D in India (Convener: Dr. K.V. Peter)
Policy Paper 9: Strategies for Agricultural Research in the North-East (Convener: Dr. G.L. Kaul)
Policy Paper 8: Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Nutritional Security (Convener: Dr. T.J. Pandian)
Policy Paper 7: Diversification of Agriculture for Human Nutrition (Convener: Dr. Mahtab S. Bamji)
Policy Paper 6: Reorienting Land Grant System of Agricultural Education in India (Convener: Dr. H.K. Jain)
Policy Paper 5: Sustainable Agricultural Export (Convener: Dr. K. Pradhan)
Policy Paper 4: Conservation, Management and use of Agrobiodiversity (Convener: Dr. R.S. Paroda)
Policy Paper 3: Harnessing and Management of Water Resources for Enhancing Agricultural Production in the Eastern Region (Convener: Dr. K. Pradhan)
Policy Paper 2: Fertilizer Policy Issues (2000-2025) (Convener: Dr. J.S. Kanwar)
Policy Paper 1: Agricultural Scientist’s Perceptions on National Water Policy (Convener: Dr. P.B.S. Sarma)