Dr. Madhuban Gopal
Fellow, Elected 2011

Born in Allahabad, India on 17 October 1951. Educated at Agrawal Vidyalaya Intermediate College, Allahabad, 1959-67; University of Allahabad, Allahabad, 1967-76; University of Ottawa, Canada, 1979-82; University of Delhi, Delhi, 1988-1991: B.Sc. 1970; M.Sc. 1972; D.Phil. 1977; Ph.D. 1982; M.B.A. 1991.

Consultant, Monitoring of Pesticide Residues at National Level, Department of Agricultural Cooperation (DAC), ICAR-IARI, New Delhi, India, 2015 to date

Lecturer, Kulbhaskar Ashram Post Graduate College, Allahabad, 1973-1976; Scientist S 1, 1976-82, and Scientist S 2, 1982-84, National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology (Jute Technological Research Laboratories), Calcutta; Senior Scientist, 1984-98; In-charge Delhi Centre of AICRP on Pesticide Residues, 1985-99; Principal Scientist, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, 1985-98; National Fellow, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, India, 1999-2013; Emeritus Scientist, Indian Council of Agricultural Research-IARI, New Delhi, India, 2014-2015.

Awards/Honours: Prize for Novel Research Ideas by Ottawa Carleton Institute of Chemistry, 1980; Best Teaching Assistant of Ottawa University, 1982; Institute Hindi Awards, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006; Academy of Plant Science Gold Medal, 2004; IARI Best Teacher Award, 2008; Appreciation Award of Vigyan Bharti (NPL-CSIR), 2009; Member Board of Advisors of American Biographical Institute, 2003; Member American Chemical Society, 2010 to date.

Fellow: Plant Protection Association of India, Hyderabad; Society of Plant Protection Sciences, New Delhi; Bioved Research and Communication Centre, Allahabad; Society of Pesticide Science, India

Research Areas: Plant Protection, Agricultural Chemicals, Pesticide Management, Decontamination of xenobiotic, Organic Chemistry.

Address: Consultant (Resource Person), MPRNL, Room 204, Division of Agricultural Chemicals, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110012; B-133, Swasthya Vihar, Vikas Marg, Delhi 110092; [Tel: Cell: 9313709180; Email: madhubangopal@gmail.com]