Recipients of Academy Endowment Awards since inception are listed below:

Endowment Award  

  Name of Award   Year   Name of Awardee  
  Shri L.C. Sikka Award   2007   Dr. S.K. Pandey  
  (Instituted in 2005)   2009   Dr. A.S. Sindhu  
      2011   Dr. P.S. Naik  
      2013   Dr. R.B. Rai  
      2015   Dr. S.K. Chakrabarti  
      2017   None  
  Dr. Prem Dureja Award   2017   Dr. (Ms.) Rintu Banerjee  
  (Instituted in 2015)   2019   Dr. (Ms.) Chandish R Ballal  
  Dr. N.G.P. Rao Award   2019   Dr. A.T. Sadashiva  
  (Instituted in 2015)